San Francisco // Video.

And the best Valentines Day to date goes to 2014.
St. Valentine blessed us with the best kind of weather, on the best kind of vacation.
Jake and I went with our great friends Taylor & Parker on one phenomenal run-around San Francisco, for a V-Day weekend vacation extraordinaire and a spectacular Greg Laswell concert to boot.

San Francisco February '14
from Chelsie Clarke on Vimeo.


film // October Cabin.

A whole bunch of mountain time, and a moose too.


London: Week Two.

Well it only took me 6 months to finally get around to editing week two of our UVU Study Abroad in England! You can see week one here. Two more weeks to go and then we can move on to the next adventure!


film // San Clemente.

A few film photos from my recent business trip to Southern California - man do I miss living in San Clemente! Life needs palm trees.


bike building

I don't post anymore. But I do still ride my bike. And I would like to build a new one. I guess that's what happens when you're drowning in school and work, you just wanna build more bikes.


page nine.

Peonies from my mother's garden & the sound of sprinklers out my window.

Europe posts are coming, film is at the lab & I'm currently writing page nine of my twenty-four page final. When you're stuck at your desk all day - ten thousand other things you'd rather be doing - you might as well have something pretty to look at & something soothing to hear.


London: Week One.

Unlike last year, I'm having a really hard time finding the motivation to upload my photos.. making these video montages has been much easier... so here you are my friends, week one of UVU Study Abroad here in London! 



Just a little teaser... to get you excited for what's to come.
We made it to London, and we can't stop dancin'.. I mean really, when the thrill of the British Museum is at your feet, how can you not?

Ireland // 2.

I was sitting here thinking, gosh I hardly took any photos of Ireland.. and then I got on my computer, and I decided that I was just kidding. However, most of the good ones will come when I return to the states and get all 4 billion rolls of film developed. Plus, the real action is in our homemade video, found here, anyway.
Mac & I decided we needed a mini vacation before our classes here on study abroad started.. so we flew out a few days early and journeyed over to Ireland for a few days of GREEN! We stayed in Cork, which was perfect. I'm pretty sure we never saw another tourist the entirety of our stay.  
We took the bus out to Youghal on the coast.. IT WAS PERFECT.
And sooo windy. So perfectly windy.
This was the abandoned beach that we attempted yoga on... fail.

I love this girl, couldn't ask for a better travel buddy.
This whole little village of Youghal was awesome, we hardly saw anyone out and about.. it could have been because it was raining, but it felt like a real life cultural experience hangin' out in the countryside by our lonesomes! The few people we ran into were pretty neat, the butcher gave us some great directions to the bus stop... in a nice THICK Irish accent. 
Cork was just as charming, it reminded me so much of Prague. Except a lot smaller.. so like the village version of prague... full of just as many intoxicated hilarious human beings. Though unlike my visit to Prague, we had the best Irish FOG!!!
And really, what's better than fog? If it's gonna rain, we might as well have those low clouds roll in.



Well, we made it to Ireland. I'm in love with the Irish fog and I'm bringing home one of those ginger direction givers. Other than that... this video pretty much explains our time here. Running away to London, come morning!

I'm off to snooze with the sound of rain hitting my balcony.. THIS TRIP IS A DREAM.



I know you were all wondering what I would look like dressed as a twelve year old boy. Well here you go. Finals week, and now post (worse than) finals week is absolutely slaughtering my excitement for this coming weekend. And so! To counteract this awful-no-good-terrible-bad-overbooked-week.. I have been in 12 year old boy mode for the past 2 days. All I'm concerned about is counteracting school work with bike riding and making sure my hat is just the right amount of crooked. Also, purchasing myself a new pair of summer kicks has helped too.. just sayin'. 

Ride on college kids, ride on.

(Photos taken with Ilford 125 Black and White) 


People Project // 6.

And these lovely people too.
Nickolas. Kylie. Krista. Shelby. Andrew.

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